, New Zealand Kites, Wind Socks, Sport Kites

Family Kites

The kites in this section are single line and suitable for kids of any age!
Sport Kites

Sport kites are two or four line controllable kites for big kids who want action in the sky.
Includes trick kites, traction with boards and buggies and kitesurfing.
Wind Socks

As a kite accessory, windsocks can be used as a stabilising drogue in heavier winds, as a line climber,
to bring attention to your business, or for decoration around the house and garden
Wind Toys

Things to throw, fling, twirl, blow and juggle, when you're not flying a kite!
School Kites

Kite kits and resources for teachers and leaders making kites with groups of kids in schools,
holiday programmes and community groups.

Skylines and Bylines and the KiteShop manufacture and retail New Zealand’s biggest range of family kites, sport and power kites, wind socks and wind toys for kids of all ages!