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Family Kites

The kites in this section are suitable for the whole family - kids of any age!

You will find Serpent Kites, Delta Kites, Diamond Kites, Sled and Parafoil Kites, Creature Kites and Box Kites.

They are all single (i.e. one) line, reliable fliers and come complete with lines. Most of the kites are supplied with 30 - 40 m of line, which is the designer's and manufacture's recommendation and works within the NZ Civil Aviation rules about kite flying. Many are fully assembled and a few require simple assembly.

If you are looking for two or four line kites, you will find them listed on the Sport Kite page.

While we endeavour to have up to date pictures of product, colours are subject to change without notice and the item despatched may not be exactly the same as that shown or selected.

Unless marked NZ Made or otherwise, these products will be imported, having been made in China. It has become impossible to design and manufacture locally at a competitive price. However, the products I sell are of a high quality of manufacture and design and are guaranteed to fly.

Click here for pdf pages: How to Fly your Kite and Kite Safety

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