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"Giving every kid the opportunity to fly"


Julie - the Kite Lady has been designing and making her "guaranteed to fly" kite kits for many years. The kite kits include all materials required for assembly, pre-cut to size, flying line and handles, and straightforward instructions for easy kite making. They use simple construction methods and materials that are familiar to children and easy to find around the home. To assemble the kite kits children need to be able to tie knots. The kites can be decorated by the children so they will have their own individually crafted kite that will fly.

Over 12,000 kites are bundled up and sent throughout New Zealand each year for schools and holiday programmes. These fit within the technology, language or maths curricula and suit children from year 3 and over.

Winders and lines are sold seperately.

Check out the Resources I have assembled for teachers of kite making workshops.

Click here for kite books available for sale

Julie - the Kite Lady runs workshops which include making and decorating a kite kit, learning about the best materials to use for making kites which are usually found around the home, talking about why kites fly, how to make them fly and how to fly safely,

Kite workshops, including Christchurch's celebrated TV2 KidsFest, allow me to share my passion for the joys of kiting with children of all ages.

You could also have a Kite Party - where kids from 5 to 95 can have a fun, creative activity making and decorating their own "guaranteed to fly" kite kit.

To purchase kite kits: go to the order form.

The KiteShop offers a selection of kites as a fundraiser for schools and community groups. Email for more information.