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Kite kits are "guaranteed to fly". They are made from materials that kids can find around the home and use simple techniques, so they can be up and flying in no time.

The kite sails are cut from high density plastic film, which is made in Christchurch.

My kite kits have included bamboo spars for many years, but in the last few years the quality has dropped markedly, resulting in lots of broken spars at workshops. I have now sourced new spars, which are plastic. These are NZ made, much sturdier and, with less breakages, the kites will last longer and the kite makers will be much happier.

The following kite kits are available:

PENTAGON - A fantastic flyer and straightforward to assemble. This kite suits kids who can be precise in their assembly and can tie basic knots. A good kit for middle school. 480 mm high with 1m tails.

SUPER SLED - An excellent flyer and a bit of a challenge to put together. This kite suits kids who can be precise in their assembly, are able to measure and tie good knots. A good kit for middle school, or whole school workshops where big kids can buddy up with younger ones. 400 mm high with 1m tails.

Kite kits are no longer available packaged individually
For quantities less than 20, the price is $9.00 each.
For bundles of 20 or more - $4.95 ea.

Please allow 7 days for time to make up the order and delivery to you.

These kite kits include:
- all materials required for assembly
- all materials pre-cut to size
- line and handle sets for flying
- instructions for easy kite making.

The kite kits use simple construction methods and materials that are familiar to children and easy to find around the home, so that they will be encouraged to go on to making more kites for themselves. The materials include lightweight high-density plastic for the sails, plastic sticks for spars, plastic ribbon for tails, adhesive tape to hold everything together, laminated cardboard handles and a cob of flying line.

To assemble the kite kits children need to be able to tie simple knots.

The kite sails can be decorated by the children and they will have their own individually crafted kite that will fly. I use Vivids to decorate the kites. Soft crayons and some soft pastels will also work. Poster paints, acrylics, stickers and glitter glue can be good, too. Water-based markers will wipe off. Test product on a supermarket bag (high density plastic) to make sure it sticks.

The Kite Lady has designed laminated cardboard winders with easy grip handles and line winding area for little fingers to manage easily. They come with a cob of flying line for children to wind up their own line - good practice for their flying session!

Kite kits are supplied with the materials in bundles. The price is $4.95 each for quantities of 20 or more. For quantities less than 20, the price is $9.00 each.

Line and handle sets can be purchased separately in packs of 20 - SBLWS $30

Other materials are not sold separately.


It is time to grab those pencils and crayons and show off your colouring-in skills. The Colouring Your Own Diamond Kite keeps kids entertained for hours. Great for parties and an ideal present. This 60 cm x 60 cm diamond kite comes ready to fly with line and winder. A great flier in wind from 7 – 20 kph.

The Kite Day features popular show kites including the Dragon, Cuttlefish, Blue Whale and Crab.
The Kiwiana design features a rugby ball, buzzy bee, sheep, whale, Maori motifs and, of course, a kiwi.

Two designs:
Kite Day - PLCYD - $15
Kiwiana - PLCYK - $15

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