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Julie Adam is Skylines and Bylines

I started flying kites over 50 years ago and in April 1996 set up Skylines and Bylines to provide a range of quality New Zealand made kites and windsocks for kids of all ages.

I believe that kites bring out the smiles in people, and that flying kites, or just watching others fly them, is the best way to lift your spirits!

Skylines has grown steadily, beginning in a small a studio at The Arts Centre in 1996, then moving to a larger location in the retail block, where it became the KiteShop and operated as a 7 day retail outlet for 5 years. Next was a factory-showroom in Opawa. Now sales are on-line and the travelling kite shop sells kites, windsocks and wind toys at fairs and shows around the country.

As Julie - the Kite Lady I visit schools and groups throughout New Zealand and run kite making workshops for kids of all ages.

Tidying up a while ago, I found an old invoice book for kite kits supplied to schools dating back to 1987. It started me looking at some statistics and I calculated that, since starting this business full-time in 1996, I've made kites with about 25,000 kids and supplied over 150,000 kite kits to schools and groups throughout New Zealand.

Most of my work time is spent fiddling around in the workshop, but I get my real buzz seeing the huge smiles when kids get their kites up into the air. So, cheers to all the fabulous kite makers out there!

There isn't much spare time, but I still get to make and fly some big and beautiful kites. And at home my lovely terriers and the garden keep me busy.

Onwards and upwards ...

Julie - the Kite Lady


Julie - the Kite Lady

Member since 1985