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All Skylines and Bylines products are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship or parts during manufacture.

Other products sold by the KiteShop will be repaired on a "best endeavours" basis and charges may be incurred. If it is necessary to return them to the point of manufacture a charge will be made to cover freight costs.

For damage incurred after purchase a charge may be made for parts and labour.

Repairs to any other kites, windsocks or wind toys will incur a minimum fee of $20 for new spars or hardware, or where repairs are made to the sail or bridle.

Repairs requiring parts to be made or sewing done are not able to be carried out while you wait. Items will, therefore, need to be left with us until a break in our production allows repairs to be carried out.

If the kite requires test flying, it may take some time for the Kite Lady to find a day off with suitable wind or weather - please be patient.

We reserve the right to refuse to repair a kite, for any reason.

Please feel free to discuss this fully and to request a quote prior to work being undertaken.

Products sent for repairs, but not collected after 3 months will be disposed of.


Answers to FAQs:

Yes, I can repair a kite made or sold by the KiteShop.

Yes, if it is a kite purchased elsewhere there will be a minimum charge of $20 for the repair.

Yes, payment is required before the repair is undertaken.

No, it won't happen while you wait.

No, you can't look for parts yourself or rummage through my workshop to see what you can find.


If you have any queries contact us for more information.