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Kite Tails

Tails look fabulous on kites - but, remember, that these add weight and create drag, which can stabilise a kite in flight or make it heavy and not lift well in flight. Most kites that require a tail, come with them. Please feel free to ask, if you're not sure.

For sport kites, tails will slow the kite down, which will give you more time to react. They also follow the kite and do loops behind it, as you perform tricks with your kite.

Streamer Tails
3 strands x 12 mm x 1 m long coloured tails made in ripstop nylon with an eyelet and clip to attach to your kite. Put on on either side, or attach to the centre, clip two together for more impact.
PKMST - $5.00

Fuzzy Tail 20m
20m long rainbow fringed tail made in ripstop nylon.
Can be divided into 2 x 10 m tails
PRFZT - $30.00


Tube Tail 7m
7m long rainbow panelled tube tail made in ripstop nylon.
Colours: Rainbow (as shown), black and white, spectrum - rainbow colours with black blocks between.
PRTBT - $35.00


Available in $20, $30, $50, $75 or $100