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Sport Kites - For fun, tricks and training for power

Kites prefer to fly in light to moderate winds. They are made from lightweight materials, so the wind can lift them up and hold them in the sky.

No kites like to fly in heavy, gusty or strong winds. This can cause them to become unstable and crash, or put too much pressure on the fabric and stitching.

When sport kites hit the ground or get dragged along the ground, damage will occur.

For information on repairing a kite -

Sport kites require good coordination and are not recommended for children under 8.

If you have not flown a sport kite before and are unsure about which one would suit best, please check out the Sport Kite Info page or email me with your queries.

Kites come in colours as shown, but may vary from time to time.

For information about ordering kites -

Foil Kites - For fun and training for power. No spars to break, set up and pack up are really quick.


The Hype is an easy to set-up two-line sport kite, suitable for all skill levels. Flying the Hype does not require any prior kiting experience, as it's docile flying behaviour ensures that there are no sudden power surges when flying the kite through the wind-window.

The larger sizes are suitable for more experienced flyers, but may have too much pull for lightweight flyers, especially in summer winds in New Zealand.

The Hype 1.3 is the best starter kite. It is quick and responsive, gives a good workout, but you won't feel out of control.

The Hype 1.6 is great for people who want power and pull, and don't mind being pulled about.

The Hype 1.9 has heaps of pull and needs a big flyer with a bit of experience.

The Hype 2.3 and 2.6 are power kites. These are not learner kites. They are great trainer kites for experienced flyers, wanting to advance into traction kiting. These aren't held in stock, but can be ordered in, as required.

Made in ripstop nylon with 18 m Dyneema lines, supplied with flight straps. Comes in a zipped pouch bag.

Wing span - Wind range - Colours - Price

HYPE 1.3 - 9-30 knots - Aqua/White - $195
HYPE 1.6 - 8-27 knots - Lime/White - $210
HYPE 1.9 - 7-25 knots - Orange/White - $265
HYPE 2.3 - 6-22 knots - Red/White - $295
HYPE 2.6 - 5-18 knots - Black/White - $325

Delta Kites - Framed kites for speed and tricks.




Big fun in a tiny package - the Neutrino is super quick and responsive. Ripstop nylon with carbon spars. Wingspan 1 m. Fly in 8 - 40 kmh winds. Snap on the long streamer tail to trace acrobatics in the sky. Comes with snap on tail, nylon carry bag, Dyneema lines and flight straps. Colours may vary.
The Neutrino is stackable - fly the complete set!

PRNTR - $160



A fast kite, that is easily adjustable for varying wind conditions, for intermediate flyers. Ripstop nylon with carbon spars. Wingspan of 1.5m, which folds down to .7m for easy travelling. Fly in 3 - 25 kph winds. Comes with zipped nylon carry bag and Spectra lines with flight straps. Colours may vary.

PRPNX - $200



A serious high performance sport kite for experienced flyers and a great introduction to trick kiting. Ripstop nylon with carbon spars. Wingspan 2.2m. Fly in 3 - 32 kph winds. Comes with zipped nylon carry bag, with instructions printed on the inside, and Spectra lines and flight straps. Colours may vary.

PRPQN - $320



Available in $20, $30, $50, $75 or $100